From Kindergarten Danger Day to LED Tutus: Making in Schools

The Creativity Lab’s very own Aaron Vanderwerff gave an East Bay Nerd Nite talk last night at the New Parkway Theater, entitled, From Kindergarten Danger Day to LED Tutus: Making in Schools.  The talk focused on the importance of learning through the head, hands, and heart, sharing the mission that Maker Ed and the Lighthouse Creativity Lab have joined fores to promote.

The following clip illustrates how Turtle Art, very similar to Logo (which you may remember from the 80s), can generate meaningful and deep-seeded learning experiences on complex subjects.

Participants got to make scribble machines and paper circuits, some even made flowers from the random making material bins placed on each table — see their making creations in the gallery below!
Check out the full talk here (we are the 2nd talk): Maker Ed Nerd Nite Talk.

And a special thanks to everyone who came out to support the Lighthouse Creativity Lab and Maker Ed!

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