Summer of Make!

This summer the Creativity Lab will be offering 5 weeks of creative making. Each week there will be a different theme including Fiber Arts, Animation, Toys and Games, Wood and Metal, and Creative Installations.

Artist-Makers, Aaron Strauss and Becca Rose will be based at the Creativity Lab from June, working on the summer of making. This is part of a national program called Maker Corps. Before summer at the Creativity Lab, Maker Corps members take part in a nationwide development program, where they train together to learn an array making, teaching, and communicating skills. They thought they’d take a moment or two to introduce themselves:

B1“Hi, I’m Aaron and I’ll be working with the high school students at Lighthouse this summer. I’m excited to learn new ways of working at Lighthouse, and seeing what everyone wants to do. I make my own clothes, my own tools, and teach myself as I go. I make my own shoes to stop myself from buying shoes. I’m always thinking about material properties, construction techniques, design principles, old ways to do new things. I’m looking forward to interesting problems”
See some of Aaron’s work here:

shadowbook5“Hello! My name is Becca Rose, and I shall be making with middle school students this summer. I am very excited about making at the Creativity Lab -especially about electronic textiles, toy-hacking, and the animation! I like to make puppets, illustrations, fiber arts, animation, books and more! And I also love storytelling, and love things that tell stories, or are interactive in some way. Currently, I am learning to code and electronics, and looking forward to making interactive projects at Lighthouse. I can’t wait to see what everyone makes and the stories we tell this summer!”
See some of Becca’s work here: