Lava Mae Site Visit


It started with the Creativity Lab director presenting us with the idea of teaming up with the non profit organization, Lava Mae whose motto is, “Delivering Dignity one shower at a time.” We all were immediately excited and honored to get to have this wonderful experience offered to us and we got started.

Our task is to come up with an awning design that will be attached to the bus and will provide coverage from the rain and sun. This image was captured on-site where we took measurements to further our project. Our design constraints include not making the bus any wider as well as well as creating a design that will be versatile and will provide shade wherever the bus is located (there are different obstacles depending on where the bus parks). We will be meeting twice a week and collaborating with each other to start improving our original design.

This post is the first in a series from Jocelyn, our first student contributor.