Creativity Lab @ CISC Symposium

IMG_2558We went to Disney Land!—well, almost.

Last week, the Curriculum & Instruction Steering Committee (CISC) held its Leadership Symposium in Anaheim, CA. Educational leaders from across California came together to talk about the latest directions in educational thinking—and that includes making.

Aaron and I partnered with friends and fellow makers Casey Shea and Nate MacDonald to offer attendees a hands-on making workshop of scribble machines, stomp rockets, soft circuits, and more. And while we may not have technically stepped foot into Mickey’s Kingdom, we saw our fair share of flip flops and visor tans—so I think that counts.

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David is the documentarian and professional development coordinator for the Creativity Lab. In 2014, he received a BA in creative writing from Louisiana State University, with focuses on short fiction and screenwriting. In partnering with New Orleans-based independent film company, Asymptote Pictures, his work has been featured in film festivals across the country. He likes his espresso maker, and vegetarian tacos.