Countdown to Maker Faire: 9 Days

Project: Van de Graaf Generator
Makers: Gilberto C., Arya B., Martin R.

At least from my perspective, this is one of the bigger and more complex of our student projects being worked on this year for Maker Faire. A Van de Graaf generator is a machine that builds up an electric charge inside of a metal sphere that sits atop a shaft. The charge can be strong enough that, when touched, the sphere will deliver a shock. I’m almost certain that the opportunity to shock people is why this project appealed to these guys.

I’ve been watching this group work on their project for months now, and it’s been a slow but steady progression. I’ve yet to see any electricity, so hopefully they are on track to get that taken care of soon (or, even better, maybe they’ve gotten it up and running without my noticing).

Here’s the progression of their work over the months, starting with their cardboard prototype.

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