Student Spotlight: Mini World (Phase 1)

Welcome to our blog mentoring series where it is my goal to shine the light on our bright Lighthouse students as they create making projects throughout the 2016-17 school year.  One area we will focus on is developing student agency which is one of the core values associated with maker-centered learning. This is one of the findings of our colleagues at the Agency by Design project out of Project Zero.I’m happy to present our first 2 students as part of this mentoring making series.  Isela and Diana both are seniors here at Lighthouse with college aspirations in the very near future.

Isela Chavarria and Diana Rodriguez

Isela and Diana

These bright young ladies are sharing their “making project” journey as I continue to support their passion to create a mini world.  My main goal as a mentor is to make sure Isela and Diana make their vision reality through a series of mini projects.  In the high school making elective, we are trying a new format this year.  In this class, students:

  • Set a long term goal – in this case, creating a mini-world
  • Work with mentors to create a set of mini projects that will help them reach their long term goals.
  • Write a Description of Done (thanks Hackstudio) for one of their mini-projects. They are setting their own bar for what “done” will look like. These projects help students learn the skills they will need to complete their long term project.
  • Complete their mini-project and turn in documentation about their process.
  • Decide what their next mini-project is. At this point, they can change directions for their long-term making project. They write a new Description of Done.
  • Repeat until Maker Faire.
  • Their inspiration to create a miniature world is claymation movies. They are using mini plastic items and turf in a wooden box to represent their vision in their first draft.


img_2230Just to share a little bit about myself as I am new to the Creativity Lab Team – At my core I am deeply invested in helping others achieve their goals.W
hen I saw the opportunity with the
Lighthouse Creativity Lab through AmeriCorps & Maker Education Initiative I seized the opportunity.  This volunteer position was exciting because I am able to utilize both of my passions – helping others and managing projects.  I’m happy to be here at Lighthouse Community Public School in Oakland, CA whose mission is to prepare a diverse, K-12th grade student population for college and the career of their choice by equipping each child and youth with the skills, knowledge, and tools to become a self-motivated, competent, lifelong learner.

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About Gary Hall, PMP

I am a goal oriented person with a passion for helping others reach goals. My background in managing projects in technology as well as fitness and nutrition has positioned me to be in the ideal environment here at Lighthouse Community Charter Public Schools.