Student Making Spotlight – Stomp Rockets

Our 3rd graders built stomp rockets as a science project centered around design and redesign.  They started the unit by building rockets and as they learned more about their mistakes and successes they refined their design to perform better. This blog is a snapshot of one of their earlier tries.

Making allows students to tap into their passions, developing and exploring ideas as they learn.  This week, students’ excitement spilled over as they collaborated and designed stomp rockets.

A stomp rocket and launcher consists of PVC pipe, cross joints, end caps, a soda bottle and tape where the pipe is cut into the specs such as the diagram.  After all the PVC parts are assembled, the students created a rocket out of paper and secured an empty 2-liter soda bottle with tape.  When all parts are secured, the next and final step is to stomp on the empty soda bottle.  The air propels the rocket into air.  Here is one way to build it.

Ms. Hurley and Ms. Greig, the students’ teachers, challenged students to:

  • Form working groups
  • Assemble the materials
  • Test out the Rocket
  • Document results

Once they built their rockets, the assembled students gathered on the playground and tested out their creations. The energy was high with anticipation for testing their stomp rocket.

A victory dab!

Lighthouse student celebrates a successful launch with

A victory dab!!

After testing their rockets the students had a chance to express what worked well and what problems they encountered including ways learned for improvement in the future.  In their own words:

Abby: When asked what happened when you launched your rocket: “It just didn’t fly.  It just went to the ground.”

Abby: When asked what would you change about your rocket? “Don’t add a glove and don’t make it big because the air will come out.”

William:  When asked what happened when you launched your rocket?  “It did not go as high as i imagined.”

William:  When asked what would you change about your rocket?  “I will put a tip on the top of rocket.”
A great teaching and learning moment!  Job well done and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to capture great moments like these!

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