Internships for High School

With the start of the new year, Lighthouse is putting together a list of official internship and volunteer sites.

As they have done for the past 11 years, this spring at Lighthouse, all of the 11th grade students will complete a volunteer internship at a local business, organization or youth development program in the community. The school’s internship program is one of the most unique and potentially impactful learning opportunities provided to the high schoolers, and it hinges on finding placement sites that both interest and support over 50 students each year. Hosting an intern is a tremendous service to our community, and it can also be incredibly rewarding. It is important to recognize that Lighthouse students have a variety of skills and a unique perspective and energy that could benefit local workplaces.

The importance of placements for the students is ever-growing, as gives them an opportunity to apply their personal and academic skills, and to experience first-hand a professional environment. Internships tie into the Making, Art and Design’s previous events such as Portfolio Day, and underscore the commitment to integrate into the curriculum work-related scenarios and projects.

Along with Lighthouse’s Director of College and Career Success, the Creativity Lab has forged some connections among local schools (involved in Making), creative writing organizations, digital video and culinary arts groups, and cultural centers.

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