One of our 7th graders working on their robot.

The Lighthouse Creativity Lab is a K-12 program that supports maker-centered learning at Lighthouse Community Public Schools and the greater Oakland Area. The mission of the Creativity Lab is to support educators to turn learning over to students, deepening understanding of content and developing agency.

To solve the problems of the future, our students will need to be independent thinkers. At the Lighthouse Creativity Lab, we support students and teachers to make because making deepens student learning and increases student ownership of their learning. By placing students in the driver’s seat of their education, making can support students as they develop agency and affect positive change in their communities. 

We believe this work is powerful and aligns with our school’s theory of change and instructional stances. We strive every day to integrate making into our practice, to create space for student creativity through making electives, and to share best practices with other educators from around the world. Our vision is to support young people to be agents in their own lives.

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