Catching Up Over Spring Break (Part 2)

April 10, 2015

I’ve another almond croissant to start this day, and the sun has come out, and life is good. Though I’m still putting in the hours this week, the change of scenery has been like soothing massage after several long weeks. That’s the funny thing about professional development sessions. When they come up, I welcome them with gusto, ready for the excitement of introductions, conversations, and making. But boy are they exhausting—especially when you do them one after another. As was the case last week. More

Catching Up Over Spring Break (Part 1)

April 9, 2015

I’m writing to you all from a lovely cafe in cloudy Portland, OR, a city that has welcomed me with its overcast skies, colorful parks, and nippy winds. It’s a nice change from good ole Hegenberger Road.

With Lighthouse on Spring Break this week, I’ve taken it upon myself to settle in here with an Italian dark roast and almond croissant, and catch you all up on everything that’s been happening at the Creativity Lab. I know, I know—my posts have been few and far apart lately, and I apologize. But I’m going to fix all of that. Right. Now. More

Creativity Lab @ CISC Symposium

February 9, 2015

IMG_2558We went to Disney Land!—well, almost.

Last week, the Curriculum & Instruction Steering Committee (CISC) held its Leadership Symposium in Anaheim, CA. Educational leaders from across California came together to talk about the latest directions in educational thinking—and that includes making. More

Creativity Lab on BlogTalkRadio

January 16, 2015

You may recall that Aaron Vanderwerff, our Creativity Lab Director, was nominated in November for a SmartBrief Educator Award, for his article “Makers in the Classroom: A How-To Guide.” We’re happy to announce he won! More

Hiring – Development and Networking VISTA!

November 20, 2014

Do you want to be part of a growing movement to improve the educational experience of  low-income youth in Oakland through experiential, hands-on learning?  The Lighthouse Creativity Lab has been integrating design and making into our school’s practice over the past four years giving students the opportunity to think through and create their own visions in a variety of contexts culminating with a showcase at Bay Area Maker Faire.  We also offer professional development and outreach for teachers who are interested in integrating design and making into their own practice.

The Lighthouse Creativity Lab in partnership with Maker Ed is looking for two talented candidates.  The Development VISTA will build a Creativity Lab donor base and raise funds to support the integration of design and making into low-income Bay Area schools, and the Networking VISTA will create a model network of makers and educators to support making in education.

We currently have two open positions:
Creativity Lab Development Coordinator – Work collaboratively with Lighthouse staff to inform the public about our work and to raise funds for continued operations.

Creativity Lab Networking Coordinator – Work with Lighthouse and Maker Ed to build a model network of makers and educators to support making in education.

For more information on making in education and VISTA visit:
Lighthouse Creativity Lab
Maker Education Initiative
Americorps VISTA

Apply through the Americorps Site and email a cover letter, writing sample, and resume to Aaron Vanderwerff – aaron.vanderwerff(at)

Start date is February 9, 2015
Current Americorps VISTA stipend is $15,994/year
Hiring is happening rapidly, so if you are interested, submit your materials as soon as possible.

Lighthouse Creativity Lab Featured in EdTech Magazine

October 21, 2014

The Creativity Lab was featured in EdTech’s Fall 2014 Magazine, the article, Making Sense of Makerspaces: Do-it-yourself ed tech opportunities abound for some schools, can be read here! More

The Creativity Lab is Hiring – Americorps VISTAs!

September 5, 2014

For just under the past year, our Maker Ed VISTA volunteers have made a huge contribution to the Creativity Lab program.  They made it possible for us to share our practices with interested educators, expand out outreach, and make our in school making program what it is today!  And now, we are looking for a couple new volunteers to help us on the next leg of our journey! More

Intel Galileo Workshop

August 7, 2014

MonsterLast week a team of engineers from Intel Labs, the research department of Intel, visited Lighthouse to run a Galileo workshop with middle school maker students. The Galileo is a mini computer, that can be used to interact with things like lights and sensors. Students made robotic creatures flash eyes and move wings using photo sensors, touch sensors, LEDs, and servo-motors. The workshop was part of a study to develop educational tools. More

Smartblog Award Winning Blogger On School Creativity, Aaron Vanderwerff 06/25 by EduTalk | Education Podcasts

June 27, 2014

Mr. V was interviewed on Tuesday, June 24th by EDUCATION TALK RADIO about Making and Designing in a Creative Classroom and School.  Listen to the interview here: