Making Videos!

January 27, 2014

Check out what the Lighthouse Creativity Lab is up to by watching two new videos we have created to more easily share the making at Lighthouse model.  The first video is of our 2nd graders, watch as they discuss making hand-sewn puppets and explore Lego WeDo kits. The second video focuses on how our making model works with our high school students.  For additional videos and tutorials, be sure to check out our YouTube page! More

360° Makerspaces


360° photograph of the Creativity Lab space

360° photograph of the Creativity Lab space

We recently used google street view to take this photo 360° photo of our K-8 Creativity Lab space and then added it to our location on google maps. The great part of this is that others are doing the same and then tweeting their photos to @360makerspaces where we can learn from each other.

Check out some of the spaces collected by this project at 360° Makerspaces. Thanks @akeune for this amazing idea!