Update from the Lab: Meet our new VISTAs!

We have two new AmeriCorps VISTAs at the Creativity Lab; they started in the second week of August. Their first day was half-way through one of our Professional Development workshops, and it’s been full steam ahead ever since! Lighthouse is thrilled to have them here, and we hope you enjoy their contributions here on the blog.

Hiring Americorps VISTAs

Lighthouse Creativity Lab is hiring two Americorps VISTAs. Please forward to those who you think would be interested. Hiring is happening extremely quickly, if you are interested apply early this week!

Catching Up Over Spring Break (Part 1)

I’m writing to you all from a lovely cafe in cloudy Portland, OR, a city that has welcomed me with its overcast skies, colorful parks, and nippy winds. It’s a nice change from good ole Hegenberger Road. With Lighthouse on Spring Break this week, I’ve taken it upon myself to settle in here with an Italian dark roast and…