Crafting Community From Paper Bags, Crayons, and Cutouts

craftingcommunitypictureOn a sunny afternoon, Mr. Guzmán’s second-grade class was buzzing with the sound of second graders turning the pages of books and whispering words aloud. All along the wall were drawings of cats, people, and other creatures from the children’s book Stone Soup.


humanimageblog2The kids were connecting the characters and story with the idea of community in their lives. They were showing their thinking visually, by re-creating  the characters from the story as puppets put together from paper bags and colored paper.


King of the Hill 2016

We recently had our annual King of the Hill competition with our 12th grade Physics students!

Each year our Physics students build mousetrap cars as they begin to study forces and motion.  The first round of cars don’t work very well; the students don’t really know yet what it takes to make a durable and fast car.  Once they’ve finished building and testing the first round, our teacher asks them how they can make their cars better.  The students come up with ideas, and figure out what concepts they will need to learn more about in order to improve their cars. More

Toys & Tools in the Classroom

Projects using toys are immediately engaging for students, and can provide surprising learning opportunities.  Our first grade class had a whole unit on toys; they took apart toy cars to learn about how they worked, built tops (while learning some basic physics concepts), and designed new toys from scratch using a variety of materials. More

Designing Making Experiences: Interview with a Teacher

On January 21 and 22 teachers from across the country attended Designing Making Experiences, our staple professional development two-day workshop. One attendee, Sarah Purdy, was kind enough to answer some ouf our questions.


Professional Development: 2015 and 2016

As part of the Creativity Lab’s mission to empower thoughtful, capable people through making, we disseminate best practices by offering professional development to educators from around country. This past year we offered several opportunities, from a new Making Math workshop — designed to focus on integrating making and abstract mathematical concepts — to Designing Making Experiences. More

Things we think about when selecting a maker project…


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 2.05.48 PM

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, we have been partnering for a while now with Agency by Design (AbD), a research group out of the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero.  As we dive in to this work, we’ve been exploring ways that making not only creates space for play and creativity in school, but allows students to see and shape their world in new ways. More

Raising Every Project’s Ceiling

I think we all like making for different reasons. For some of us it might be driving a curriculum, and for others it might be just the thrill of getting messy, or exploring new technologies. Looking back on my year with the Creativity Lab, I think I’ve probably gone through cycles of areas that really excited me. I’m definitely a cardboard kinda guy. Then the laser cutter took hold of me. Paper circuits, I like those. But no matter the material or the technology, I love projects that inspire me to raise the ceiling. More

Integrating Making into Curriculum: 3rd Grade Circuit Blocks

For the past month, the 3rd grade classes here at Lighthouse have been exploring a unit on electricity during science.  While many lesson plans have students end a unit like this by exploring with and making real circuits, our teachers Lauren Hofmayer and Zoe Sylvester have decided to flip this on it’s head by having have their students start here instead.  More

Last Week in Making: Sept 8 to Sept 11

In this new feature, we will give a quick summary of the different Making projects happening each week throughout the school.  We will also spotlight specific projects in more detail in other posts.  Read on to learn about all the ways our teachers are integrating Making into our classrooms!

IMG_4817The kindergarteners continued a woodworking unit during their Making time on Friday.  They started with filing, sanding, and hammering nails two weeks ago; last week they began to learn sawing.  Eventually they will get to build a wooden toy for one of their classmates.  We want to give a big thanks to Economy Lumber for donating scrap wood for the class to use! More