Online Resources

General Making

FabLearn Fellows  Resources on a huge variety of making projects, put together by the Teacher Fellows with FabLearn, an annual conference on making in education put on by the Stanford University

Maker Education Initiative  [info coming soon]

Makeshop at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburg has great resources for all things making in schools.

Making in Schools A 6-part series on the Teaching Channel blog, written by Creativity Lab Director Aaron Vanderwerff and Lighthouse Community Charter Public Schools teacher Robbie Torney.

Tinkering Studio blog [info coming soon]

The Creativity Lab on YouTube – K-12 making videos

Thinking Routines

Agency by Design [info coming soon]

Project Zero [info coming soon]

Visible Thinking [info coming soon]


Dimensions of Learning Framework This framework from the Tinkering Studio lists and describes assessable indicators of engagement and learning.  They also include a guide for how facilitators can encourage these behaviors and mindsets in their classes.

Google+ Groups

  • Bay Area Maker Educators This group has free MeetUps once a month on Thursdays in San Francisco.  The meetings alternate between the Tinkering Studio and various maker spaces throughout the city.  The group is invite-only; please contact us if you’d like to join!
  • East Bay Maker Educators This group also has monthly MeetUps on Thursdays, but does so at maker spaces in Oakland.  Most meetups occur at school maker spaces, but we are exploring other sites as well.
  • K-12 Fab Labs and Makerspaces