Student Spotlight: Learning through Mentoring

Antonio and Amani are working to create an automatic firing marshmallow gun, and in order to get to their final goal, they started out by building a manual marshmallow gun.  In this series of blog posts we are shining a light on our bright students as they create making projects in their in-school making class…

Summer of Making Highlights

The Summer of Making at the Creativity Lab was jam packed full of wonderful ideas, great projects, building, making, and a lot of fun! Here are some of the highlights captured on video.

Intel Galileo Workshop

Last week a team of engineers from Intel Labs, the research department of Intel, visited Lighthouse to run a Galileo workshop with middle school maker students. The Galileo is a mini computer, that can be used to interact with things like lights and sensors. Students made robotic creatures flash eyes and move wings using photo…

Student Project Spotlight

This post is to highlight the projects students completed in our Installation and Community Projects week. Students were told to design and build a project for the school or their community using the skills and techniques they had learned this summer. Here are some of the projects from that week.