Student Spotlight: Learning through Mentoring

Antonio and Amani are working to create an automatic firing marshmallow gun, and in order to get to their final goal, they started out by building a manual marshmallow gun.  In this series of blog posts we are shining a light on our bright students as they create making projects in their in-school making class…

King of the Hill 2016

We recently had our annual King of the Hill competition with our 12th grade Physics students! Each year our Physics students build mousetrap cars as they begin to study forces and motion.  The first round of cars don’t work very well; the students don’t really know yet what it takes to make a durable and…

Toys & Tools in the Classroom

Projects using toys are immediately engaging for students, and can provide surprising learning opportunities.  Our first grade class had a whole unit on toys; they took apart toy cars to learn about how they worked, built tops (while learning some basic physics concepts), and designed new toys from scratch using a variety of materials.


For one of their first projects of the trimester, our seventh and eighth­ grade makers have been journaling—not writing in journals (though, they’ll be doing that, too), but making journals of their own. The making began by unmaking. Like biologists with their frogs, students dissected books to explore their inner ­workings. (We have some potential…

Summer of Making Highlights

The Summer of Making at the Creativity Lab was jam packed full of wonderful ideas, great projects, building, making, and a lot of fun! Here are some of the highlights captured on video.